Taxonomy Evaluation Considerations

Taxonomies evolve over time and without periodic evaluation can become stale, disorganized, and structurally unsound. Bad navigation leads to bad user experiences. Your website taxonomy can also impact search engine rankings, but how do you balance SEO needs with good navigation? In this session we will discuss the value of evaluating taxonomy for improving user experience and SEO, including best practices, emerging methods, and success metrics.

Joseph Busch of Taxonomy Strategies will introduce several types of taxonomy validation based on three key areas - initial design, usability testing, and post-launch evaluations. He will provide a new twist on taxonomy usability testing methods that goes beyond usual practices.

Mike Shulha of Earley & Associates continues with a discussion addressing the "usability black holes" that arise when putting off periodic taxonomy evaluations. Also learn some valuable guidelines for evaluating taxonomies from an external perspective, including using popular SEO tools for aligning your taxonomy with user vocabulary.








Taxonomy Consultant
Earley & Associates
Principal Consultant (Taxonomy Strategies)
Taxonomy Strategies