Product Search & Findability

Be discovered by prospects who are evaluating purchasing options. Improve click-through so customers can explore related products, even those on distributors’ sites. Making search work requires a deep understanding of your search application and information architecture. Gain a comprehensive assessment of your current search effectiveness. Identify quick win opportunities, and develop long term strategy and roadmap for search performance improvements.

Site Search

Site Search - Optimize the search platform that leverages quality product information to improve search relevance, that leads to higher conversions.

Taxonomy Design for SEO

Optimize external search engine performance so customers can find your site before competitors. Build best practice keyword terminology into your taxonomy and leverage proven taxonomy and SEO strategies.

Product Relationships for Up-Sell/Cross-Selling

Ensure you have a well curated product catalog so customers can find you and when they do, don’t miss out on valuable up-sell and cross-selling opportunities.

Site Analytics

Leverage deep analytics to understand your customers site behaviors, including search and browse behavior, and also site performance.