Product Curation for a World-Class Product Catalog

Never before has product information been so critical to a satisfying customer experience, or to realizing your vision of frictionless omnichannel operations.  Provide differentiated ways for customers to experience your products across channels.  Move from being item-focused to curated assortment and attribute focused.  Establishing a world-class product catalog with consistent, high quality and refined product information is vital. 

Product Catalog & Item Attributes Design

Product catalog taxonomy design drives PIM performance, helps ensure data quality during onboarding, and is the foundation for better curated products and OmniChannel publishing.  There are no short cuts.

Assess the appropriate balance of product categories. Assemble and organize rich product content that is compelling, differentiated and relevant. Rationalize and design a top-down product attribute inheritance model that is simple to maintain and powerful for channels to leverage. Provide differentiated ways for customers to experience your products, tailored to each touch point.

Effective product attribute selection and category design reduces the burden on vendors and content operations teams while improving data quality and time to market. And it’s the basis for enabling world-class site merchandising, minimizing clicks to get to the right products, with product information that makes sense to shoppers.

PIM & MDM Migration and Data Cleansing

Distribution dynamics are transforming and migration to PIM or MDM is becoming a business necessity in Retail.  To realize your retail commerce vision you need to aggregate, cleanse, enrich, and syndicate product information along the entire business supply chain, including inbound feeds and outbound feeds to downstream distributors, online resellers and omnichannel customer touch points. Ensure accurate product attributes flow effectively for publication to inventory control, sales associate/kiosk lookups, customer service, digital sites and social commerce applications.

Data, DAM & Content Choreography

To keep your shoppers engaged with differentiated and personalized shopping journeys,  choreograph product data, digital assets and marketing content — from the Supply Chain through to each OmniChannel touch point— aimed at key customer segments and lifestyles.

Many retail organizations find that product operations, marketing, online channels and in-store merchandising are at odds, with limited collaboration on go-to-market execution.  Data, digital assets and content may not be integrated or synchronized. 

EIS – Retail leverages deep expertise to reduce risks in PIM and MDM deployments.  We ensure product taxonomy and PIM configuration readiness, smooth data migrations, supply chain-to-channel publishing workflow testing, and production data cleansing.  This results in improved new product introductions, flexible merchandising, omnichannel product catalogs, media asset management, product data on-boarding and customer trust.

OmniChannel Workflow & Governance

The accelerated volume of content needed to meet an always on marketplace can be overwhelming.  Has your organization kept up with the real-time demands of your customers and trading partners?  If you’re like most retail organizations, it’s not going to be enough to keep your current content operations as they are. 

If you don’t consider how people, systems, and content intersect, your digital commerce operations will falter, resulting in backlogs, product launch delays and fragmented customer experiences across channel siloes.  Establish the governance, content lifecycle and publishing workflow policies needed to ensure that valuable content is stored, managed, shared and published efficiently. Align and engage cross-department resources with unified omnichannel workflow and a collaborative, light touch governance strategy.