Enterprise Adoption of AI

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) still has an air of mystery about it experiments with machine intelligence tools and AI applications are underway on many fronts.  Their motivation stems primarily from the increasing number of opportunities that AI is presenting. As the technology improves, consumers are becoming increasingly acclimated to voice interactions and more savvy about using virtual assistants in day-to-day tasks.  Virtual assistant and chat interactions will be more commonplace in the corporate setting and be the preferred mechanism of interaction with enterprise applications.

Overcoming Personalization Challenges: The Role of the Customer Data Platform

At the end of the day, everything boils down to providing value for a customer.  The more we know about our customers, the better we can provide that value and differentiate from our competitors.  Although this objective sounds simple, many challenges arise along the way.  These fall into four broad categories related to systems that produce and consume customer data: the ways that customer data is modeled, the data itself, gaining insights from the data, and acting on that data

The Personalization Chasm – From Lab to Production

AI-driven personalization holds a lot of promise for marketers. However, few have managed to put the promise into practice because the leap from data lab to real world production has been too great. A new approach is opening the possibility of making AI-driven insights a reality.

The Customer Data Platform – A Path to a Unified Customer Experience

Why don’t we hear more stories about companies that are delivering a truly unified customer experience across channels? We don’t hear about it because very few organizations are doing it.  Meanwhile, customer expectations are growing. They assume you “know them” well enough to predict what they want, when and where they want it. When you don’t deliver, their disappointment impacts brand and performance.

The reality is, while the data is there (in data warehouses or more recently data lakes), the insights and connections to customer facing applications are not.

Digital Marketing in the Age of Big Data

Digital Marketing is the subject and focus of so many things nowadays that many have come to accept the axiom that “all marketing is digital marketing”. Techniques once limited to specific channels, segments, and departments have become increasingly ubiquitous in both function and form.  The problem now is not what do we do to market, but what do we NOT do.  With so much data becoming available, and the potential reach of marketing efforts growing with each passing day, digital marketing must adapt and grow to the ever increasing insights available in big data.

Enhancing Your Digital Customer Experience with Analytics and Insights

There was a time when “customer experience” was defined by a combination of buyer persona attributes, market segment data and customer purchasing histories. However, in this new era of customer-centric digital business models it takes more. The bar has been raised and to remain competitive you need a complete view of the customer experience – one that covers every angle of interaction to provide a 360-degree view of your customer’s digital journey.

Customer Experience Analytics - Developing a Customer Analytics Roadmap

Analytics can tell us a great deal about how your customers are responding to messaging, how they are interacting on the web site, how they consider your products and services, how well they are being served by your support organization.  In fact, they leave a trail of data everywhere they go and everyplace they have contact with the enterprise.  This “Digital Body Language” tells the organization everything it needs to know about customer wants and needs – all you need to do is collect and learn to read the data.  Of course, this is a non-trivial task and requires a number of pieces to fal

Executive Roundtable Shares Valuable Insights on Data Analytics

Data Analytics Roundtable Summary Infographic

Customer Analytics – Measuring and Evolving the Customer Experience - Part 2

Making Sense of Unstructured Customer Feedback (leveraging Big Data) and Linking to Processes