The Real State of Digital Business for 2019

We’ve all heard it – digital transformation is coming for us. From how our customers and partners engage to how our business operations evolve, digital transformation is the ultimate goal for successful companies in 2019.

That’s what we’ve heard. But how far along are we when it comes to digital transformation? In late 2018, Earley Information Science set out to discover the answer by launching an industry-wide ‘State of Digital Business’ Survey which asked respondents to share their data readiness, planned digital projects, future goals, and more.

Digital Transformation: What it means

Many life events can justifiably be called a transformation, and their effect is pervasive. Moving to another country, for example, may require a full-scale overhaul not just of your daily routines but also of your entire world view about what is acceptable in society. Having a first child is another transformation. You don’t just buy a car seat and a crib, and start saving for college. Fundamental changes have taken place, and your life will never be the same.

Digital Transformation Trends to Watch in 2019

Our expert panel separates the digital transformation hype from the trends worthy of action right now.

7 Tools To Help Build Sustainable Data Governance

It is possible to build a sustainable governance program that delivers results over the long term. Here is a collection of resources to help you get started.

The Internet of Things and Product Data

IoT is part of the trend toward faster decision times, faster design cycles and faster clock speeds of the connected enterprise. Product data is becoming the focal point for IoT because products are the “things” that are consuming and producing data.

Knowledge Engineering: Structuring Content for Artificial Intelligence

Information architecture designed for curation of unstructured content paves the way for AI-based solutions.