Leslie Swanson, President/CEO, eXalt Solutions, Inc.
President & CEO
eXalt Solutions, Inc.
  • Currently President and CEO of eXalt Solutions – a leading Digital Transformation Platform provider for Knowledge Work in B2B sales. 
  • Prior to eXalt Leslie was President and CEO of Vigilant Networks a network monitoring company which was sold to Gen-Tek and Expert Views a CAE/CAD/CAM database company sold to RR Donnelley.
  • Leslie has a passion for meta data or rules driven software and technology and has been awarded numerous patents in network monitoring, eBusiness Catalogs and Knowledge Management.
  • After 30 years in the tech community, Leslie is committed to growing diversity in the tech sector.  Her favorite charity is Code Squad where she serves on the board.
  • Leslie holds a BSEE from Case Western Reserve University and an MBA from University of Rochester.