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KM World 2019

Session Title: Building Strong Foundations for Digital Success
Speaker: Jason Hein, Director of Delivery, Earley Information Science

With the “Soaring 20s” for digital just around the corner, there is a whirlwind of new opportunities and new potential directions for companies planning for the next step in their digital maturity. Concepts like Conversational Commerce, Product Configurators, Recommendation Engines, and Mass Personalization may be new now, but they might quickly become table stakes for digitally savvy firms. But what if your firm is behind the curve? What steps can you take to prepare for digital in ways that make success more likely (and help you sidesteps the costly mistakes others have made).

In this session Jason Hein from EIS will lay out a simple, easy-to-explain set of foundational practices for those who are new to KM (or those who need to explain KM to non-experts). We will cover the basics of the digital success and highlight a process to build out the assets needed to support digital strategies of all varieties, from those listed above to those that haven’t yet hit the market.