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The reason that AI-powered technologies have failed to gain a foothold in most organizations is due to a miscalculation as to the size and scope of the job of getting the data, that will feed the AI, in a state that the tech can work as intended. Yet, according to Accenture, 75% of business leaders feel that they will be out of business in five years if they can't figure out how to scale AI. Further, 92% of executives have not identified all  areas of opportunity for AI, per a McKinsey report. 

So, the question is, are you ready for AI?


What We Do

  • Identify new opportunities to leverage and scale AI
  • Bring capabilities to the next level

How We Do It

Through interviews, surveys and working sessions, the EIS AI Readiness Assessment:

Educates executives and stakeholders about types of AI technologies in relatable terms and business impacts

Outlines success factors and approaches for achieving real business value from AI

Examines four critical areas of the enterprise for AI readiness:

  • Organizational design 

  • Business alignment and process clarity

  • Data and content readiness and technology infrastructure 

  • Ongoing governance, decision making and success measures

Summarizes the current state in an executive working session designed to identify gaps, set realistic goals and prioritize actions.

What You Get

  • An actionable 6-12 month road map for AI capability and program roll out
  • Prioritized uses case(s) to drive immediate Proof of Concept testing

Why Choose EIS

Earley Information Science, under the leadership of Seth Earley (author of the AI Powered Enterprise) has been innovating in the information architecture space since 1994. After 25+ years of working with organizations around the world on information dependent projects we know what needs to be done to ensure success and can help you design a plan to get there.

We're excited to work with you and provide you with:

  • An objective, external perspective.
  • A fully streamlined process from consensus building to PoC design.
  • A trusted partner who will be there with you for your AI journey.


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