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Context means presenting the information that your users need when they need it.  This comes from understanding their mental model and how they think about their challenges and objectives.  Users should come away from your site pleased with their experience and the ease with which they found what they needed.  Simplicity for the customer requires complexity behind the scenes, and EIS can help you create the digital machinery that will anticipate what your customer needs and provide it for them.  


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Customer Personalization

Personalization at scale requires orchestration of content, product information, the customer journey and knowledge of solutions and customer needs. EIS can help you build maturity across multiple capabilities to develop a highly personalized experience that scales not through acts of heroics on the part of employees, but through fine-tuned support processes, data models and a well configured technology ecosystem. 


Content Publishing

Content publishing is an integral part of the personalization and contextualization process.  A well-oiled content operations organization understands how to componentize and reuse content, and EIS will help you build content operations efficiencies and the metrics-driven decision making that will keep content performing and aligned with user needs.


Site Merchandising

Merchandizing is not possible when merchandizers spend most of their time mulling over spreadsheets and cleansing, manipulating and enriching data for their organization’s website. EIS will build efficiencies that do the heavy lifting in the background through product data operations, so that merchandizers can devote their time to more creative initiatives. 


Product Data Management

Product data management is the single most important determinant of ecommerce success, but when your customers can’t find a product, they can’t buy it. EIS fixes the architecture, processes, tools and governance to ensure that the product data is managed in a sustainable way, while enriching it lead to increased digital commerce revenue.


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Our Services

Transform Digital Enterprise

Digital transformations are data transformations, and EIS can assess the data and architecture needed to support your digital transformation in the context of your current capabilities, organizational maturity and short- and long-term objectives.  


Create Human Centered Informatinon Architecture

Information architecture (IA) can be complex and nuanced, but its most important function is to support people as they interact with your organization, to reduce the cognitive load on users and improve efficiencies across the entire value chain. 


Design and Implement Advanced Technologies

EIS can help you evaluate your current stack of tools to determine how well your company is leveraging them, identify gaps and redundant functionality, build a remediation plan and execute on that plan to provide a solid foundation for these advanced technologies.  


Optimize Digital Commerce

Digital commerce is comprised entirely of data, and if the data is not managed well the entire digital commerce experience can be disrupted. EIS can help you streamline all of the data and information flows and fine tune the tools that your employees and customers depend on.  


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