Non-Profit & Public Sector

We expect our government to connect more closely with us and provide easy access to information and public services. This has led to the increasing adoption of e-Governance initiatives aimed at closer contact with citizens, simplifying the management of resources, boosting the quality of services, lowering costs, improving productivity and increasing transparency.

But as the pace and complexity of public service delivery have changed, so too has the increased scrutiny on privacy, security and budgetary constraints. Government agencies are being forced to operate with constrained resources – smaller budgets, fewer skilled workers and increasing regulation – while the global economy remains in a fragile state.

Working with these constraints, governments are identifying and creating innovative programs to increase citizen satisfaction levels, reduce costs, and implement efficient operational procedures.

In many ways, governments are similar to retail and CPG organizations in their desire to increase citizen satisfaction levels, and lower operational costs to save dollars for essential public initiatives; while they are dissimilar in not requiring citizens to spend money to remain profitable.

EIS understands these differences, and provides the data management and consolidation, analytics, integration support, and content management necessary to meet objectives.

  • We transform the information required to 'simplify' government processes and build an agile and responsive system
  • We use advanced analytics and information architecture methods to structure data that supports operational services
  • We enable and power increased accessibility to public services through the use of proven knowledge engineering and automation solutions


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