The growth and domination of the online channel is determining who wins and who loses in both B2C and B2B commerce.

Just look at how many well-known brands are disappearing – due, not in small part, to their inability to adapt to this new reality.  

Ecommerce execs must oversee the creation of a shopping experience that makes it easy for the customer to find, compare, select and buy.   Anything less and the customer is gone.  But building a website that looks great is only a piece of the puzzle.   

Imagine a world where products are easily found, descriptions are always complete and accurate, images display consistently, related content helps guide buying decisions, and suggestions are always relevant.  This can only happen when your product data architecture has considered every aspect of the digital experience.  There are a lot of moving parts to consider.  Millions of SKUs from hundreds of suppliers in different formats.  Multiple platforms that need to pass data back and forth.  It is a perfect storm that must come together to deliver a seamless experience to the customer.  There is nothing easy or sexy about it but it is a crucial investment that the top performers in the market have made.  

Are you ready?