The Unsung Cost Benefits of Information Curation (and the High Costs of Ignoring It)

Is a curation effort worth US$100,000 or $10,000,000? What's a reasonable annual spend? In this article we show how to determine this with confidence.

Are Chatbots a Good Place to Start Your Enterprise AI Initiative?

In an interview on ZD Net (“AI and the enterprise: The view from”) published on November 15, 2017, Stephen Pratt, CEO of AI solution provider, argues that many companies are starting their AI initiatives in the wrong place...

Marketing to the Unmarketable: Designing B2B Web Experiences for Technical Buyers

Fifteen years ago, at the start of the ecommerce boom, technical buyers were saying "don't market to me just give me what I need." Today, when everyone is trying to 'be like Amazon' and create rich personalized experiences, technical buyers are stills saying the same thing. How do B2B marketers bridge that gap?

Product Data and the Brand Promise

Digital transformation as a concept has lost a lot of its meaning and has become a catch-all for many types of information initiatives.  What we need to remember is that a digital transformation is about rethinking not only the end-to-end user experience and customer journey, but the entire value chain and the fundamental reason why customers deal with your organization. If customers can get products cheaper on Amazon, does that mean you are destined to go out of business?  Of course not. Customer loyalty depends on much more than price alone. 

EIS Podcast Episode 5 - Content Strategy Success


In this episode of “Earley On…”, Seth Earley, CEO of Earley Information Science discusses the topic of Content Strategy: the elements, the success criteria, and the best practices to ensure that your content strategy achieves your business goals.


Designing the Next Generation of Content Strategy

How to make your content work with the new marketing technology

The new generation of marketing software involves many different products that interact with each other and with the customer. They form an ecosystem that is large and complex. The investments that organizations make in these advanced technologies, however, will only deliver value when the underlying processes for feeding the right information into the system are optimized.

How to Train Your Robot

What do curated content, personalization and machine learning have in common? 

This week Earley Information Science (EIS) is hosting two excellent executive roundtables – the first is with Anjali Yakundi, an analyst from Forrester Research and the topic is personalization.  Our second webinar this week is with Rowen Curran also with Forrester and the topic is about how we need to consider approaches for training AI based systems.  Training the Robots will touch on several of these topics and help attendees understand that there is no magic to AI. 

Cognitive Search – The Next Generation of Information Access

Overpromised now, but the potential is real

How AI Supports Knowledge Workers

This article originally appeared on CMSWire on May 10th 2016.

Some knowledge workers fear they are next in line to be made obsolete by artificial intelligence (AI). 

Office Supply Retailer Goes Endless Aisle for Digital Transformation

office supplier goes endless aisle for digital transformation