The Unsung Cost Benefits of Information Curation (and the High Costs of Ignoring It)

Is a curation effort worth US$100,000 or $10,000,000? What's a reasonable annual spend? In this article we show how to determine this with confidence.

4 Digital Experience Tools That Drive Real Results

Join us for a deep dive conversation with Premier Farnell's VP of eCommerce & Digital Marketing, Matthew Clark.

Knowledge Management and User Engagement – Weaving the Experience into Work Practices

Organizations are maturing in their understanding of knowledge management.  But true engagement and acceptance is still a major obstacle to success 

Introduction to Planning a Winning B2B Website - Mapping the Secret Life of Product Data

There may have been a day when a B2B sales organization could get away with ignoring their website.  But, in an age when everyone judges their online experience against, that day is in the past.  In this short primer on planning a winning B2B website you'll learn:

Designing the Next Generation of Content Strategy

How to make your content work with the new marketing technology

The new generation of marketing software involves many different products that interact with each other and with the customer. They form an ecosystem that is large and complex. The investments that organizations make in these advanced technologies, however, will only deliver value when the underlying processes for feeding the right information into the system are optimized.

Internal Collaboration and Customer Engagement  

Engaging with customers and providing an excellent customer experience depends on several capabilities: 

  • having the right customer facing tools and technologies,
  • integrating internal sources of customer information to provide a clear picture of who they are,
  • and providing content needed to solve problems and meet customer needs in the context of their task. 

The last is particularly challenging and requires that marketing organizations remove sources of friction in the content creation and management process. 

Understanding virtual agents – what's needed to make them a reality?