August 28, 2018 11:00 am

Let’s face it - no one likes the ‘G’ word. It’s too often a sour antidote to excitement and nimbleness: Triple checks, security barriers, privacy forms, council reviews. It’s as awful as pulling teeth and paying taxes, right? 

Thankfully it doesn’t have to be, and many organizations have found an effective rhythm for long-term, sustainable data stewardship. 

Join us as we discuss ‘Data Governance: Achieving Sustainability Among Whiners,’ where we’ll explore how you can implement this necessary rhythm, even if you’re surrounded by governance resistors.

You will learn:

1.Good governance is empowering, not (only) a “necessarily evil”
2.The Effective As: Automation, Assignment, Attitude
3.Analytics for achieving fast failure (and recovery)

Expert Panel