To be competitive in today’s data-driven world, it is more important than ever to make use of all your company’s data assets. Decisions made in a data vacuum result in lost time and/or money. What if there was a way to ensure that everyone had access to all of the data – structured or unstructured, from any source, any silo – and it was both accurate and meaningful? Knowledge graphs provide that connective framework for all of your data with ontology defining meaningful relationships and context. Join knowledge graph expert Juan Sequeda and ontology expert Seth Earley, to learn how your organization can reach data, content and knowledge nirvana.

Topics include:

  • What knowledge graphs are and why are they important now.

  • How knowledge graphs enable solutions in ecommerce, customer service, and product innovation.

  • What you need to do before you can start using knowledge graphs to solve your business problems.

Seth Earley

Founder & CEO, Earley Information Science

"The knowledge graph is the knowledge and data scaffolding for your organization."

Juan Sequeda

Principal Scientist,

"If we don't bridge the data-meaning gap...your reports, your machine learning, you're AI won't work. That is where knowledge graphs and semantics and ontology is come in.

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