We make information useable, findable, and valuable

Information Architects for the AI-Powered Enterprise

Behind every AI-enabled solution or experience is a well-designed information architecture. 

Earley Information Science (EIS) is a professional services firm dedicated to architecting and organizing data – making it more findable, usable, and valuable.

Our information management approach streamlines, unifies, and orchestrates product data, content, customer information, and corporate knowledge, delivering scalable solutions and tangible results for leading global brands.


Meet EIS Founder and CEO, Seth Earley


Knowledge and Prompt Engineering Part 2

Focus on Prompt Design Approaches 

In this follow-up session on knowledge and prompt engineering, we will explore structured prompting, chain of thought prompting, iterative prompting, prompt optimization, emotional language prompts, and the inclusion of user signals and industry-specific data to enhance LLM performance.

Join EIS Founder & CEO Seth Earley and special guest Nick Usborne, Copywriter, Trainer, and Speaker, as they delve into these methodologies to improve AI-driven knowledge processes for employees and customers alike.


June 19, 2024 1pm EST/10am PST

AI Consulting Services

AI projects come in all shapes and sizes, but they all depend on getting accurate information to the right person at the right time. Our context-aware information architecture designs — along with our newest AI consulting services — will transform the way you do business. 

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AI Readiness Assessment for KM

Looking for expert advice on integrating AI into your KM programs? We're offering a two-week exploration of your organization's alignment, knowledge management, and technical capabilities. Identify the key factors hindering your ability to incorporate cutting-edge generative AI solutions into your Knowledge Management culture, program, and systems.

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AI for Product Data

Eliminate the frustration of manual data entry and the headache of inconsistent product information. Harness the incredible power of AI to effortlessly streamline your onboarding process with lightning-fast speed and pinpoint accuracy. Allow AI to handle the heavy lifting while you devote your attention to crafting captivating product experiences.


Knowledge Access & Retrieval

Eliminate the overwhelming task of managing unstructured data and searching for the necessary insights. Allow AI to provide guidance through intelligent knowledge access and retrieval solutions, uncovering the untapped potential of your information.

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Conversational Employee & Customer Support

Are you tired of waiting on hold for long periods of time and dealing with frustrating FAQs? Say goodbye to robotic responses and take control of your self-service with AI. Enhance employee and customer satisfaction while also freeing up your support teams for more impactful work.


Data Readiness for AI

Optimize your unstructured data and generic content into a valuable resource for AI, prepared to uncover valuable insights, deliver personalized experiences, and skyrocket your business.

Our Customers

Effecting digital transformation for more than 100 brands. 

Every industry. Every size.
Silicon Labs
This is awesome, you have exceeded my expectation on what I thought was possible.
Mike Barton, President
Allstate Business Insurance
The value that Earley brought was visible from the beginning- helping us to arrive at a consensus and a path forward.
Vice President
High-Tech Manufacturer
We spent millions upgrading technology ..... Looking back, I'd get the taxonomy right from the beginning.
Chief Marketing Officer
$8B Scientific Equipment Maker
I can say in the short time I have known EIS they have been a perfect partner and have no doubt our partnership will even get stronger and realize phenomenal outcomes.
Senior Director, MDM
Multinational Industrial Manufacturer

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