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The AI-Powered Enterprise

Harness the Power of Ontologies


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Learn how to develop and employ an ontology, the secret weapon for successfully using artificial intelligence to create a powerful competitive advantage in your business.

The AI-Powered Enterprise examines two fundamental questions: First, how will the future be different as a result of artificial intelligence? And second, what must companies do to stake their claim on that future?

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When the Web came along in the mid-90s, it transformed the behavior of customers and remade whole industries. Now, as part of its promise to bring revolutionary change in untold ways to human activity, artificial intelligence—AI—is about to create another complete transformation in how companies create and deliver value to customers. But despite the billions spent so far on bots and other tools, AI continues to stumble.

Why can’t it magically use all the data organizations generate to make them run faster and better? Because something is missing.AI works only when it understands the soul of the business. An ontology is a holistic digital model of every piece of information that matters to the business, from processes to products to people, and it’s what makes the difference between the promise of AI and delivering on that promise.

Business leaders who want to catch the AI wave—rather than be crushed by it—need to read The AI-Powered Enterprise. The book is the first to combine a sophisticated explanation of how AI works with a practical approach to applying AI to the problems of business, from customer experience to business operations to product development.

Praise for "The AI-Powered Enterprise"

I do not know of any books that have such useful and detailed advice on the relationship between data and successful conversational AI systems.

Tom Davenport, President’s Distinguished Professor at Babson College, Research Fellow at MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, and author of "Only Humans Need Apply" and "The AI Advantage"

Read this book to learn how leaders and companies are using AI with structured data to transform business. Insight from real world examples, combined with a proven methodology, will arm the reader with the knowledge and confidence necessary to drive AI in any organization.

Barry Coflan, SVP & Chief Technology Officer
SchneiderBarry Coflan Electric - Digital Energy

AI promises to provide the next ‘turn of the crank’ in business automation. However, purely statistical machine learning alone won’t achieve this on its own. This book provides prescriptive guidance in the context of real business case studies to drive success instead of disappointment. It’s a great resource to separate the hype from the reality and a practical guide to achieve real business outcomes using AI technology

Peter N Johnson, SVP
MetLife Fellow

As an executive working on digital transformation strategy, I would highly recommend Seth Earley's book. It has been a foundational element of our ability to learn, develop and implement strategies to support our acceleration of personalization, artificial intelligence and machine learning at a global scale. Your infrastructure architecture strategy needs to be rock solid and in place if you expect to scale your capabilities!

Bit Rambusch, Global Head of Knowledge and Services
Dell Technologies

If you wonder where to get started in your company’s AI journey, Seth lays out a playbook for a flexible, scalable and tool agnostic approach to AI implementation. The journey is difficult, but the rewards will enable businesses to compete and thrive in our complex and fast changing technology world.

Ryan Miller , Chief Digital Officer
First Investors Financial

For any leader considering ways to improve their business with advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence this book is a must read. Seth Earley has documented a recipe for your success. 

Mark Loboda, Sr. Vice President of Science and Technology
Hemlock Semiconductor

If you're serious about harnessing the power of AI in your business — and you should be — this book will show you how to make it an operational reality.

Scott Brinker, VP Platform Ecosystem, HubSpot, Editor

Today, most executives involved with “Digital Transformation” and “Omnichannel Customer Care” have high expectations for Artificial Intelligence but little visceral understanding of the importance of Conversational Intelligence to inform their actions. This book draws a bright line from Knowledge Management, meaning the curation and organization of data by establishing ontologies and defining taxonomies within a well-defined knowledge architecture, to improved customer experience. Seth defines the steps it takes to organize and curate the data and information a company already has aggregated and cites specific use cases that have driven successful practitioners to organize both taxonomies and ontologies consistently and at scale for the benefit of both employees and customers.


Dan Miller, Lead Analyst/Founder
Opus Research

OAI and its various meanings bring a whole new dimension to how Enterprises operate. In his book “The AI Powered Enterprise”, Seth has honed in on the methodology behind how AI impacts Content – the one constant tangible for every Enterprise. A must read for any enterprise interested in what their content says about them – from a data miner to a taxonomist to a casual blogger… the clarity of the various aspects of content design is super impressive. 

Eeshita Grover, Director of Marketing

Organizations seeking to realize the promises of artificial intelligence are finding that the journey to this Nirvana involves more than just booking space on a new platform. Seth Earley shows in The AI Powered Enterprise that much more is required, including the oft-elusive robustness of process, data and governance. Ignore this book at your own peril if you plan to undertake such a journey.

Jim Gilligan, Retired President and CEO
Blue Cross Life Insurance Company of Canada

Artificial intelligence holds the power to transform your business, and your career, but there will be plenty of challenges along the way. Earley demystifies the topic and provides a practical roadmap for applying smarter processes and technologies across the enterprise. Now is the time to explore AI, and this book is a great place to start.

Paul Roetzer, Founder & CEO
Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, and author of The Marketing Performance Blueprint

With every technology that comes knocking on our doorstep, the question we have to ask ourselves is, ‘how will I use this to create value for my customers?’ Businesses have weathered the turbulence of digital transformation and now AI is knocking on our doorstep. For executives, it can feel confusing, intimidating and at times, downright dangerous. If you’re in that mix, then you must keep Seth Earley’s book close at hand. It delivers a practical approach to explaining AI as well as how to apply it to any organizational environment.

Carla Johnson, International keynote speaker, Best-selling author and CMO