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Seth Earley


An expert with 25+ years of experience in Knowledge Strategy, Data, and Information Architecture, Search-based Applications, and Information Findability solutions. Seth has worked with a diverse roster of Fortune 1000 companies, helping them to achieve higher levels of operating performance by making information more findable, usable, and valuable through integrated enterprise architectures supporting analytics, e-commerce, and customer experience applications.

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ChatGPT and Large Language Models in the Enterprise: What Executives Need to Know
AI is a rapidly growing field that has the potential to revolutionize many industries. However, many people are still unsure of what AI is and how it can be applied to their environment. Seth Earley shares his knowledge and expertise gained over 25 years of consulting about how new and emerging technologies can be safely and effectively deployed in the enterprise. Large Language Models and ChatGPT types of applications are getting a great deal of attention, but how can organizations use them to retrieve information across the entire enterprise, speeding information flows and creating new efficiencies and capabilities? AI solutions require having the correct data and the correct information architecture. Seth explains how this can be achieved at scale saving hundreds of millions of dollars in costs and increasing revenue by the same order of magnitude through case studies and examples. For a pharmaceutical company, the use of a knowledge architecture improved accuracy from 53% to 83% and eliminated hallucinations for a highly sensitive portfolio review application while providing audit trails, protection of IP and explainability. Seth educates and level sets with a warm, humorous and engaging style accessible to both executives and practitioners.
The Journey to AI Powered Transformation: Practical Steps for Achieving Real Business Value
Digital transformation has become a broad, catch all term meaning anything from improving the customer experience to streamlining internal business processes and everything in between. Artificial Intelligence has also become a broad and ambiguous concept meaning everything from chatbots to self-driving cars. Now put those two concepts and you end up with jargon soup, wasted resources, confusion, and failed initiatives. The industry is full of hype and confusion, buzzwords and bs, unrealistic expectations and some high visibility failures.Whenever a significant technology change comes about, it’s difficult to not get caught up in the confusion and end up on costly paths without business value due to the fear of missing the next big thing and losing out to the competitionIn this session we will hear from award winning author and popular conference speaker Seth Earley who will provide practical guidelines for getting real business value from Artificial Intelligence programs and projects and discuss what needs to be in place to be successful (hint: it’s not the technology).
Knowledge Engineering – “The Last Mile” of Artificial Intelligence
Cognitive AI runs on knowledge – expertise and content structured and organized for retrieval using virtual assistants, chat bots, and conversational commerce applications. But how do organizations build this capability cost effectively and sustainably? The answer is a “knowledge factory,” an approach that solves information problems today while providing a foundation for the future methodology for analyzing business problems, breaking problems into specific information requirements, developing and structuring knowledge components, and building out models for continuous learning and knowledge curation using automated and human in the loop approaches along with process metrics to quantify business impact. Organizations that do not build these capabilities will be caught flat footed as the industry progresses and competitors build sophisticated capabilities that enable higher levels of customer service at lower costs.


Seth is the author of The AI-Powered Enterprise.

Seth is a sought-after speaker, author, and influencer. Seth's writing has appeared in IT Professional Magazine from the IEEE—where, as a former editor, he wrote a regular column on data analytics and information access issues and trends—and many other technical journals and magazines.

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Winner of the Axiom Business Book Silver Medal in 2021

Thought Leader

Seth has contributed to the Harvard Business Review, CMSWire, CEOWorld, TechTarget, eCommerce Times, Analytics Magazine. Journal of Applied Marketing Analytics, and he co-authored “Practical Knowledge Management” from IBM Press.

In 2022, Seth was Recognized by Thinkers 360 as one of the Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Artificial Intelligence 2022.

In 2024, Seth was Recognized by Thinkers 360 as one of the Top 50 Global Thought Leaders on Generative AI 2024.



Seth loves meeting people and sharing his expertise about AI, IA, and how enterprises can make the most of their AI initiatives. 

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