The Earley AI Podcast

Insights and Expert Commentary on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

with Seth Earley & Chris Featherstone 

On this podcast, hosts Seth Earley & Chris Featherstone invite a broad array of thought leaders and practitioners to talk about what's possible in artificial intelligence, as well as what is practical in the space, as we move toward a world where AI is embedded in all aspects of our personal and professional lives. They explore what's emerging in technology, data science, and enterprise applications for artificial intelligence and machine learning and how to get from early stage AI projects to fully mature applications.

Seth is founder & CEO of Earley Information Science and the award winning author of "The AI Powered Enterprise."

Chris is a technology executive and strategist interested in how AI and Machine Learning will enable next generation customer and workforce engagement.



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Coming Up:

  • Mortiz Müller, General Manager, Squirro * About Moritz

  • Bob Levy, Founder & CEO at Immersion Analytics * About Bob

  • Daniel Cohen-Dumani, Co-Partner - Market Leader Withum Digital * About Daniel

Podcast Guests (6)

Moritz Müller, General Manager at Squirro Asia 

Moritz Müller joins Seth Earley to discuss Retrieval Augmented Generation, Impact of AI on Organizations, Personalization through Knowledge Graphs, Challenges in Document Search, and Metadata's Role in Information Retrieval.

Podcast Guests-2

Bob Levy, Founder & CEO at Immersion Analytics

Bob Levy joins Seth Earley to discuss Financial Risk Visualization, Delegating Complexity, Dimensionality Reduction Techniques, Misconceptions About Complex Data, Vector Embeddings for Hate Speech Detection, & Moderation APIs for NLP.

Podcast Guests (2)-2

Erdem Özcan, VP of Intelligent Applications at Elemental Cognition

 Erdem Özcan joins Seth Earley and Chris Featherstone to discuss Symbolic AI vs. Statistical Systems, Neurosymbolic AI in Real-World Scenarios and more. 

Lief Erickson

Lief Erickson, Principal Consultant at Intuitive Stack

 Lief Erickson joins Seth Earley to discuss Content Strategy in AI, Information Architecture, Prompt Engineering, and Ethical Implications of Generative AI.

Podcast Guests (2)-1

Manish Sharma, Co-Founder, CRO & CMO at

Manish Sharma joins Seth Earley to discuss Generative AI Misconceptions, Effective AI Implementations, and the Importance of Quality Data Sources, Bridging the Technological Gap for CISOs, and Risk Management in the Face of Technological Change.

Podcast Guests

Thomas Blumer, DAP Thought Leader & Independent Consultant

Thomas Blumer joins Seth Earley and Chris Featherstone to discuss Knowledge Management and AI Integration, AR and AI Fusion, Human vs. Silicon Intelligence, Data Trust and Explainability, Retrieval Augmented Generation, Large Language Model Limitations.

Fitz Profile Episode Preview

Trent Fitz, Product Strategy & Technical Marketing Leader at Zenoss

Trent Fitz joins Seth Earley and Liam Kunik to discuss Evolving IT Infrastructures, AI Ops Challenges, Application Performance Monitoring and Importance of Data Architecture.

Podcast Guests (3)

Ian Hook, Director of Knowledge Management for Novartis

Ian Hook sits with Seth Earley and Chris Featherstone to dissect the role of Generative AI in knowledge management and the importance of data governance. 

Podcast Guests (2)

Marc Pickren, President at Next Net Media


Marc joins Seth Earley to discuss Search Optimization, Competitive Advantage, and Balancing Privacy in an AI-Powered Future.


Kristina Francis, Executive Director at JFFLabs

Kristina joins Seth Earley and Chris Featherstone to discuss Ai disruption, job replacement, alternative ways to achieve success in technology, wealth gap, economic equality and more

2023-12-14 Alexander Schober Guest Image Canva

Alexander Schober, Project Owner - Data and AI for Motius

Alexander joins Seth Earley and Chris Featherstone to discuss knowledge graphs, metadata modeling for data engineering, using large language models to build data pipelines and more.

Rachad Najjar - page (1)

Rachad Najjar, Knowledge Sharing Leader for GE Vernova

Rachad joins Seth Earley and Chris Featherstone to discuss his insights on AI, knowledge management, enterprise strategy implementation and more.

Amar Goel - page

Amar Goel, Co-founder and CEO for Bito

Amar joins Seth Earley and Chris Featherstone to the discuss the increase in new A.I. tools, LLMs and the journey behind forming Bito! The up and coming A.I. assisted software developing tool. 

Sanjay Mehta - page

Sanjay Mehta, Head of Industry Commerce for LucidWorks

Sanjay joins Seth and Chris to the discuss the rapidly evolving hype of generative AI and how it can be applied to your industry.

Doug Kimball - Webpage Thumbnail (Edited) 115kb

Doug Kimball, CMO, Ontotext


Doug joins Seth and Chris to discuss the important role of knowledge graph practices when implementing AI and data strategy into your business.

Ben Clinch edited thumbnail

Ben Clinch, Head of Information Architecture for BT Group

Join Seth and Chris as they talk discuss the rapidly evolving world of data science and organization with Ben Clinch.

Glenn Gow - page

Glenn Gow, CEO of Coaching at The Peak Performance CEO Coach

Seth discusses with Glenn Gow how people should start leaning into what technology is advancing today.

Kirk Marple - page

Kirk Marple, Technical Founder and CEO at Unstruk Data

Seth and Chris discuss with Kirk Marple how to organize historical data and long-term memory.

Alex Babin - page

Alex Babin, Co-Founder and CEO at ZERO Systems

Seth and Chris discuss with Alex Babin the two biggest misconceptions of AI.

Maxim Serebryakov - page

Maxim Serebryakov, Co-Founder and CEO at Sanas

Seth and Chris discuss with Maxim Serebryakov what it was like to study artificial intelligence at Stanford and how it created a broad perspective on how things work.

Michael Todasco (1)

Michael Todasco, Writer about Generative AI

Seth Earley discusses with Michael Todasco why he thinks people should embrace AI.

Gordon Hart1

Gordon Hart, Co-Founder and Head of Product at Kolena

Seth and Chris discuss with Gordon how ​​machine learning algorithms are a challenge from different perspectives.

Daniel Faggella-2

Daniel Faggella, Head of Research and CEO at Emerj Technology Research

Seth and Chris discuss with Daniel how martial arts influenced him to get into artificial intelligence.


Michelle Zhou, Co-Founder and CEO at Juji, Inc.

Seth and Chris discuss with Michelle discusses the one lesson she has learned is that you have to build a product that can help people.


Juan Sequeda, Principal Scientist at & Co-Host of the Catalog & Cocktails Podcast

Seth and Chris discuss with Juan how your company's success should be defined differently. Don’t focus on just the goal of saving money and making money; have the focus be on solving a problem.


Andy Fitzgerald, Ph.D., Information Architecture & Content Strategy Consultant

Seth and Andy discuss knowledge engineering, knowledge graphs, and how they fit into today's information architecture for AI


Peter Voss, Founder/ CEO/ Chief Scientist at AGI Innovations &

According to Peter we're on the cusp of the third wave of AI. When will we see true "artificial general intelligence?

Podcast banner Dan Turchin

Dan Turchin, CEO & Founder, PeopleReign

AI has the power to change the future of work for the better and it will change more in the next 30 years than it has in the last 300.

Podcast banner Mark Maybury

Dr. Mark Maybury, former CTO at Stanley, Black & Decker

An inspiring conversation about AI, innovation, and transformation at scale.


Steve Stesney, Senior Product & Data Lead, Predictive UX

Seth, Chris, and Steve dive into optimizing enterprise knowledge & data with knowledge graphs.

Scott Taylor Podcast Banner2

Scott Taylor, The Data Whisperer

Storytelling with data is now a thing but who tells stories about data? Scott Taylor.


Henrik Hahn, Chief Digital Officer, Evonik

Join Seth and Chris as they talk about driving the cultural change needed for massive digital projects.


Jim Iyoob, Chief Customer Officer, Etech Global Services

Seth and Chris dive deep into how data can be used to help deliver extraordinary customer experiences.

Tom Davenport podcast banner

Tom Davenport

In this episode, Seth and Chris, talk with prolific AI author and thinker, Tom Davenport about the impact of AI on the future of work and business.


Michael Schrage

Seth and Chris dive into how we use tools and technologies to come up with better and more reliable advice.


Stephanie Lemieux

Taxonomy and information architecture are the bedrock of any digital transformation initiative.

Jeff Coyle Podcast Banner blue

Jeff Coyle, MarketMuse

AI is already having an impact on how marketing teams develop their content strategy.

Mark Anderson podcast banner

Mark Anderson, CEO, Pattern Computer

Seth and Chris talk with Mark Anderson about how pattern discovery is changing how science is done.


Tim Huckaby, Industry Expert in Computer Vision

Tim shares his perspectives on app development, AI, computer vision and ethics.

Sean Martin Podcast Banner 2

Sean Martin, CTO, Cambridge Semantics

Sean talks with Seth and Chris about applying knowledge graph structures to business problems.

Paul Zhao podcast banner

Paul Zhao, AI/ML Business Leader

In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Paul Zhao about making AI more accessible for everyone.

Paul Lasserre

Paul Lasserre, Global Segment leader - Applied AI at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Paul shares insights on best practices in applied AI for customer experience.


Henrik de Gyor, Consultant, Podcaster, Writer

Synthetic media - audio and visuals created digitally is already gaining foothold in society. Learn what's next in this fascinating conversation.

Linda Andersson Banner 2

Linda Andersson, Founder and CEO of Artificial Researcher

Linda talks about her innovative AI powered semantic search tools for scientific and patent research.


Adam Sutherland, WW BD Lead - Data Science and Analytics for Media & Entertainment at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Dive into the amazing AI and machine learning applications for media and content.


Massood Zarrabian, CEO, BA Insight

Enterprise search tools have evolved considerably over the years. Users can have the google-like experience they crave, and it no longer breaks the bank.


Mike Kaput, Chief Content Officer, Marketing AI Institute

AI is increasingly embedded in software tools that can be readily configured and implemented in the enterprise without months or years of preparation and development.


Chris Featherstone

In this episode, Chris and Seth talk about core principles for building omnichannel chat and voice assistants and review key considerations for each channel. 










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