[Earley AI Podcast] Episode 29: Maxim Serebryakov

Artificial Voice Intelligence

Guest: Maxim Serebryakov



About this Episode:

Today’s guest is Maxim Serebryakov, Co-Founder and CEO at Sanas. Max joins Seth Earley and Chris Featherstone and shares what influenced him to start his company. Max also discusses what it was like to study artificial intelligence at Stanford and how it created a broad perspective on how things work. Be sure to listen in on Mike giving his advice on how you can go above and beyond to help anyone!


  • Max was born in New York then shortly after, he moved to Russia where his family is from. When he came back to coming to the US, the accents around him and being an immigrant were the brewing grounds for the creation of his company, Sanas.
  • Max studied at Stanford and he spent a lot of time doing research into artificial intelligence and studying artificial intelligence. Through these experiences, he ended up building Sanas.
  • Artificial intelligence shows the limitations of modern-day voice conversion research. Max learned that you're not just modulating the pitch and tone, you're changing the underlying phonings that are present within it.
  • Max and his team chose to do their deployments initially with contact centers and enterprises. They saw that their pain point is initially with these deployment verticals because speech is very structured.
  • Max’s company, Sanas, works with some of the largest contact centers and top enterprises in the world. They work with them to better help their customer service interactions since it is a crucial part of these companies.

Quote of the Show:

  • “We ended up building an algorithm that really doesn't exist in the research world. It's very innovative. It works on the edge, works with clients, and it's very efficient.” (11:02)


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