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Knowledge Architecture - The Path to Automating Customer Support Interactions

May 19th, 2021 @ 1:00PM EDT

Digital Workplace

Is your enterprise content accessible to your team whenever, wherever, and however they need it?

Digital Commerce

Is your data ready to deliver the personalized experiences your customers expect?

Our Services

 We architect and organize your data – making it more findable, usable, and valuable.


Before you invest in new technology, you need a thoughtfully-planned strategy. Our experts will help you craft the best strategy for your digital vision ensuring that your technology investments get you where you want to go – short and long term.


Our team of information-science experts will build the data structures you need to enable superior digital experiences for your employees and clients alike. Our services include taxonomy design, data modeling, and more.



EIS will partner with you for the long haul to ensure success. Our team is ready to help you with program management, software configuration, and data quality management.


The drive to digital excellence is an on-going process. We’ll work with you to define the metrics that matter most and help you leverage your information foundations into long-term competitive advantage.


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Digital Transformation and the Role of the Customer Data Platform (CDP)

The ability to have a comprehensive view of the customer is a critical part of digital transformation, and at the same time, only in the context of a well-conceived digital transformation can CDPs provide their full value. This article sorts out the definitions and functions of each one in a way that clarifies how digital transformations and CDPs should work together.

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Harvard Business Review

Is Your Data Infrastructure Ready for AI?

Even after multiple generations of investments organizations struggle to use its data to improve customer service, reduce costs, and speed the core processes that pro­vide competitive advantage.

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Enterprisers Project

Artificial Intelligence (AI): 8 habits of successful teams

What are teams succeeding with artificial intelligence doing that you can emulate? Take a look at these best practices and strategies for AI work

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