About Earley Information Science

Information Science Thought Leaders

EIS is a professional services firm with proven methodologies tailored to handle product data, content assets, customer data, and corporate knowledge bases. Our expertise in information architecture empowers clients to effectively organize, access, and leverage their data, leading to improved business outcomes. We offer scalable and adaptable customer-centric solutions that evolve with your business needs.


For over 25 years, we have tackled intricate information challenges with one goal in mind: to enhance business results by effectively managing data. We ensure that information is findable, usable, and valuable.

Founded by information management expert Seth Earley in 1994, Earley Information Science has proudly delivered results-driven solutions for more than 100 brands across industries.

Who We Are 

We Are Specialized.

Organizing information to drive business outcomes is the only thing we do. This enables us to delve deep into complex data problems with specialized domain experts rather than generic data analysts.

We Are the Information Science Thought Leaders.

We contribute over 100 new ideas each year, in the form of published works and speaking engagements by our leaders and experts. Our ideas translate to the innovation we create for our customers in developing leading-edge, data-enabled experiences.

We Use a Governance-Driven Approach.

We enable data agility by providing your organization with the tools and processes to scale and adapt your data to meet the ever-changing needs of your organization.

We Love What We Do.

We possess a high degree of intellectual curiosity, and we care about driving the right business outcomes. If we discover something that needs to be addressed, we address it.


Explore Careers with Earley Information Science.

Earley Information Science is looking for qualified candidates to join the team. We bring highly talented people together from diverse backgrounds and skills. We are creative, unique, and work in an integrated and collaborative environment. Explore Careers with Earley Information Science