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Information Architecture Consulting Services

Every Digital Domain Needs an Information Architecture

The strength of your information systems relies on the quality of data, taxonomies, and ontologies that drive clean, comprehensive, and reliable information to enhance user experiences.


Our Approach


Strategy & Readiness Consulting

If you’re just starting out, or ready to re-evaluate your approach, EIS can work with your team to develop a gameplan for a focused digital commerce or digital workplace initiative. We’ll tailor the engagement to match the scope of your requirements, perform a current state assessment and help you to define a strategic roadmap to achieve a desired future state.

We can help you to select a new technology platform or evaluate the use of complementary tools and technologies. We are experienced in managing pilots and Proof of Concept (POC) projects that demonstrate the viability of a new process or technology. Upon completion, we can provide a knowledge transfer to an internal team or continue into the next phase.


Design & Implementation Services

If you have already chosen an information system and need extra resources to deploy and scale the platform, we have experience in that area as well. Our approach is to assess the robustness of existing taxonomies, ontologies, and knowledge graphs and identify ways to enhance them to maximize their performance and business impact.

Our experience with hundreds of enterprise-class engagements tells us that extra time spent on the information architecture for a new system pays huge dividends in terms of long term results.


Operations & Governance

If your platforms are fully deployed, we can be an experienced and objective resource to optimize them. We know how to identify systems and technologies that are not fully leveraged for maximum ROI. Our structured approach to performance optimization allows us to find ways to enhance the customer experience and improve the impact on sales.

On the operations side, we have conducted many engagements that bring ongoing improvements to business processes, performance metrics, quality management, and governance programs. We know how to start small and position your digital commerce and digital workplace systems to maximize long-term value. Delivering measurable business improvement is the central goal of every client engagement we undertake.

Knowing when, where, and how to apply information architecture to modernize an area of the business can be daunting. It’s tempting to overreach and take on too much too fast. It’s also temping to jump to a technology-based solution without the proper information strategy and foundation in place.

In an industry dominated by large, expansive enterprise consultancies, EIS is a lean and agile professional services firm. Our engagements are personalized and tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. While we strive to understand the big picture, we like to start small, identify quick wins, and build a long-term actionable roadmap that delivers measurable business outcomes along the way.

Whatever the stage of your digital transformation journey, we have a continuum of services to match that stage and accelerate your progression to the next level.

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