[Earley AI Podcast] Episode 15, Tom Davenport

In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Tom Davenport, author of The AI Advantage How to put the artificial intelligence revolution to work.





4:40 On getting started in this space

7:47  What is most important today for organizations that are trying to operationalize AI 

16:05 How organizations are doing in the human collaboration space and knowledge space

21:26  What is slowing organizations down…is it infrastructure or understanding? 

31:40 Do organizations need to get ahead of the curve for augmented reality

34:12 Tom's take on Gartner’s prediction on Knowledge Management for AI…the largest growing segment and the largest spend 

40:08  Customer experience and personalization…are you seeing organizations doing that effectively? 

46:56 Democratization of AI 

50:30 What is in store for 2022


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