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Episode 4 - Adam Sutherland - AI and ML in Media and Entertainment

AI & Machine Learning in Media & Entertainment

Guest: Adam Sutherland, WW BD Lead - Data Science and Analytics for Media & Entertainment at Amazon Web Services (AWS)



In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Adam Sutherland about AI and machine learning in media and content.

2:20 Adam talks his journey from Asian studies to Amazon.
12:00 A day in Adam's life and cool problems customers are solving
17:30 Why we still can't find what we want on streaming services
21:00 Biggest barrier to entry to AI enhanced solutions
24:00 Best practices for tagging media assets
25:00 When developing a bespoke model is the right decision
28:30 AI isn't perfect but sometimes that's fine
30:00 Personalization and recommendation engines
34:30 Data lakes plus content metadata
37:00 Emerging trends and techniques (really cool AI stuff in media)
42:45 Predictions for the future

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Earley Information Science Team
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Recently I chaired the Artificial Intelligence Accelerator Institute Conference in San Jose – in the heart of Silicon Valley.  The event has brought together industry innovators from both large and small organizations, providing a wide range of perspectives. For example, the CEO of AI and ML testing startup of Kolena, Mohamed Elgendy and Srujana Kaddevarmuth, Senior Director, Data & ML Engineering, Customer Products, Walmart Global Tech discussed productization of AI solutions and ways to increase adoption. I especially liked the idea of a model catalogue from which data scientists can retrieve data sets and machine learning models that others have built rather than starting from scratch.