Episode 3 - Massood Zarrabian - Advancements in Enterprise Search

Bringing a Google-like Search Experience to the Enterprise

Guest: Massood Zarrabian, CEO, BA Insight



In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Massood Zarrabian, CEO at BA Insight about how enterprise search is evolving - getting better (bringing greater value) and costing less.

Congratulations to BA Insight on receiving the KMWorld 2021 Readers' Choice Award - Best Enterprise Search!

1:15 Massood's road from a Civil Engineering degree from MIT to BA Insight.
5:00 Massood's philosophy on growing teams and companies - and how theater has influenced him
8:25 Can enterprise search be like Google?
13:30 Unstructured vs structured data
17:45 The maturing of enterprise search
26:00 The last mile in enterprise search
32:00 Building, maintaining, training your Index
39:00 Bots and users don't care where the content lives
42:30 Role of an information reference architecture
49:00 Role of automation for tagging
52:30 The future of enterprise search

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BA Insight website
The AI Powered Enterprise

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