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[Earley AI Podcast] Episode 33: Ben Clinch

Exploring the Power of Collaboration in Data Science

Guest: Ben Clinch



About this Episode:

Today’s guest is Ben Clinch, Head of Information Architecture for BT Group .  Ben joins Seth Earley and Chris Featherstone to the discuss the rapidly evolving world of data science in organization. 


  • An intriguing aspect is the common practice of Large Language Models (LLMs) utilizing generic data models Ben and Seth discuss more effective ways to harness the power of LLMs through specialized data models and organization.
  • Companies will realize quickly that they cant do any sensible gen a.i. without a core of useful referential data to utilize, train and not hallucinate.
  • If people lean on generative a.i., that accelerates things rapidly, but all it does is deferring knowledge to somebody else's data model.
  • Some people ask if we really need a data model. Can't we just get an industry standard view and follow that? Do you want to buy an org chart? Do you want to defer how you structure your teams to somebody else's view of how you should? This may be a good starting point, but a terrible ending point.
  • People ask, what is the ROI on data modeling? Think of data as an asset for your organization, and think of people as an asset for your organization. Everybody from the chairman to the guy sweeping the floor understand an org chart. They understand you have to organize your people. Otherwise, there will be involuntary anarchy.

Quote of the Show:

  • Taxonomy is a chart of accounts for knowledge"  - Seth Earley


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Earley Information Science Team
Earley Information Science Team
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[Earley AI Podcast] Episode 33: Ben Clinch

Exploring the Power of Collaboration in Data Science Guest: Ben Clinch