[Earley AI Podcast] Episode 20, Dr. Mark Maybury

Guest: Dr. Mark Maybury, former CTO at Stanley, Black & Decker




In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Dr. Mark Maybury on innovation, transformation and AI.

3:30 Mark's early influences
9:10 What he does with his "spare" time - it is planned
16:30 His experience at Stanley, Black & Decker - making the elephant dance
22:50 Transitioning from analog to mixed reality (physical and digital)
31:00 AI - doing the early foundational work without existing ML systems
40:00 Early development of sentiment and intent analytics
45:00 Future projects including movie project getting students excited about careers in AI in the service of the public good
48:45 Ready Robotics
51:00 Development of a COVID De-activization protocol


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