[Earley AI Podcast] Episode 16, Jim Iyoob

Using Data to Deliver Customer Experience That Matters

Guest: Jim Iyoob


In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Jim Iyoob about using data and AI to deliver customer experience that matters.

2:25: Our celebrity guest…Named top 20 influential people to follow on twitter and who has been inducted into the CX Hall Of Fame
8:10: Adding value & being a great person….Let’s look at the customer experience through the customer’s lens
17:10: AI as a plug and play solution….myth or reality?
19:10:…the insights and the understanding. The mechanisms and methods to extract more insights than the average bear.
22:55: What goes into setting up controlled vocabularies, architecture, etc…how well are organizations prepared?
27:55: First things first: human intelligence. What is the outcome we want to drive? What is the hypothesis we want to drive? Is the data there to help us make insightful decisions?
34:35: Transparency driving accountability
40:25: What are you seeing at organizations when you go in and start looking at their knowledge bases?


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