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Episode 9 - Sean Martin

Practical & Scalable Knowledge Graphs

Guest: Sean Martin


In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Sean Martin about the development and practical applications of knowledge graphs.


5:30 – First online sports scoring website launched
9:00 – First forays into semantics applications
13:00 – Getting through scaling issues
16:30 – On needing to build the entire stack for knowledge graphs 
18:00 – The business problems that Cambridge Semantics solves
24:45 – Dealing with and making sense of unstructured content
29:30 – Data models for natural language queries
32:00 – About the book “The Rise of the Knowledge Graph”
34:00 – What is an ontology and how does it relate to knowledge graphs
42:30 – What’s next?

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Get the book: The Rise of the Knowledge Graph

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Earley Information Science Team
Earley Information Science Team
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