[Earley AI Podcast] Episode 42: Trent Fitz

Trent Fitz on Mastering AI and Data Architecture in IT Organizations - The Earley AI Podcast with Seth Earley - Episode #042


Guest: Ian Hook


Trent Fitz holds over 20 years of experience in the tech industry. Currently a C-level Product Strategy and Technical Marketing Leader at Zenoss. He is an expert in global marketing, product strategy, business development in cloud computing, cybersecurity, and AI. Repeatedly proving his effectiveness in the industry by leading solutions to projects in innovative company’s such as IBM, Sailpoint, Trustwave and other various startups.

Key takeaways:

- APM tools such as Dynatrace, AppDynamics, and New Relic are key, and their integration has been aided by standards like open telemetry.

- AI governance is crucial on technical, business process, and enterprise strategy levels.

- The maturity models for AIOPs involve governance, decision making, and data/information architecture.

- There is a general lack of appreciation for data and content within IT organizations.

- AIOPs includes machine learning, and there's a need to educate about structured data and AI capabilities.

Quote of the show:

"At the core of AIOPs lies a fundamental need to not just visualize but truly understand the staggering complexity of modern IT environments. It's not just about piles of data or sophisticated algorithms; it's about cultivating a genuine appreciation for the significance of that data and how we can harness it to drive smarter, more proactive operations." — Trent Fitz


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/trent-fitz/
Website: https://www.zenoss.com

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