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Episode 2 - Mike Kaput - Using AI To Enhance Marketing Ops

Using Out of the Box AI Tools to Enhance Marketing Operations

Guest: Mike Kaput, Chief Content Officer, Marketing AI Institute



About this episode

In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Mike Kaput, Chief Content Officer at Marketing AI Institute, about he's used out of the box AI tools to enhance marketing operations.

4:04 Mike's day to day & background
11:30 Use cases & Planning
28:02 Ethics & Bias
36:45 Where do you start with AI in marketing?
40:00 Differentiation vs Standardization
43:30 Barriers to entry
47:35 Humans in the AI loop

Contact Mike:

Marketing AI Institute
State of Marketing AI Report
The AI Powered Enterprise

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Earley Information Science Team
Earley Information Science Team
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