[Earley AI Podcast] Episode 21, Dan Turchin

In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Dan Turchin, CEO & Founder of PeopleReign.




4:30 What drives Dan's mission to impact a billion lives at work?
11:15 Disruption and the future of work
17:50 What will happen when people can have a day a week back from automation?
20:00 Work will change more in the next 30 years than in the previous 300
24:30 AI is really still in its infancy - how can we use it for good as it grows up?
29:00 What are the pre-requisites to success with AI?
37:50 How do you sell the business on the need to address their data?
43:00 Choosing use cases to get started with
51:00 What's next?


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