[Earley AI Podcast] Episode 34: Doug Kimball

Taking Control of your Data: How Knowledge Graphs Help to Optimize your Business

Guest: Doug Kimball




About this Episode:

Today’s guest is Doug Kimball, Chief Marketing Officer for Ontotext .  Doug joins Seth Earley and Chris Featherstone to the discuss the rapidly evolving world of knowledge graphs and AI.



  • Doug Kimball's statement about knowledge graphs being an "add to" and an "enhancement of" data is spot on. In the world of modern data management and analytics, knowledge graphs are a game-changer.
  • There is a proper way to ask the right questions when communicating with Generative AI models. It is important to include the correct context and parameters.
  • Knowledge graphs have many applications to a variety of different business models and use cases. Doug mentions an example where a mass migration of population from one place to another could be an opportunity for businesses to track and profit based off of user demographics utilizing knowledge graph practices.

Quote of the Show:

  • “Knowledge graphs are not a rip and replace, they are an add to/enhancement of" 
    - Doug Kimball


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