[Earley AI Podcast] Episode 32: Glenn Gow

The Power of AI

Guest: Glenn Gow



About this Episode:

Today’s guest is Glenn Gow, CEO of Coaching at The Peak Performance CEO Coach. Glenn joins Seth Earley and shares how people should start leaning into what technology is advancing today. Glenn expresses the importance of learning these new materials to create opportunities for you and your company. Be sure to listen in on Glenn giving his advice on how larger companies should incorporate AI into their business!


  • Glenn believes that the enhanced value that Predictive AI and Analytical AI can bring to CEOs can create a crucial aspect of the evolution. By harnessing AI approaches, CEOs can gain insights that can drive decision-making and strategic planning. Glenn advocates for adopting AI methodologies to empower CEOs in navigating the rapidly evolving business landscape.
  • Glenn created a concept known as "Winner Takes All." This concept is if you excel in AI, both you and your direct competitor will consistently accumulate data about your customers. This resource empowers you to gain insights into your customer base, enabling you to enhance your understanding and knowledge. The stakes are high, as falling behind your competitor could lead to setbacks and missed opportunities.
  • An example of the vast impact Chat GPT and AI have on our world is Chegg—software designed to provide students with vital information to excel in school. However, when Chat GPT came to light, the AI world dramatically shifted. In a single day, the creation of Chat GPT caused Chegg's stock to plummet by 45%. Today, AI is globally, revolutionizing to assist with education, essay writing, tests, and countless other domains. Its pervasive influence continues to reshape the way we approach and engage with knowledge.
  • Glenn believes enterprises will find it effortless to gather information about open-source technologies their competitors developed. By integrating the resources into their frameworks and incorporating their data, businesses will gain access to carry out operations within their competitors' organizations that were once beyond their reach. Glenn thinks people should take advantage of these opportunities to safeguard their data.
  • Glenn describes prompting by taking a large language model and condensing it to a specific area of focus. This act of shrinking allows the model to channel toward a defined domain or subject matter. By honing the model's attention on a particular area, it targets outputs that align with the desired scope. This makes it simple for users to leverage the language model while meeting specific objectives.

Quote of the Show:

  • “Become good at all the tools that are being made available to us, because that's going to create opportunity for you.” - Glenn Gow


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