Episode 12 - Jeff Coyle

AI and Content Strategy

Guest: Jeff Coyle



In this episode, Seth and Chris talk with Jeff Coyle about how AI is impacting content strategy.


2:55 - Craft beer - on winning the award for a Mexican lager
10:00 - Jeff's path to a passion for SEO
14:30 - On using data to decide what to write about
20:00 - What does Google think you think is important on your site?
25:00 - Publishing low quality content is like a time bomb
36:00 - Existential risk of not using data to drive content decisions
39:00 - If you're not there at the top of the funnel you don't deserve to be at the bottom
41:45 - Owning a content space - what it takes
56:00 - Future of AI's role for content strategy


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