Virtual Assistant & Artificial Intelligence Resources

A collection of links to help you learn about practical applications of intelligent virtual assistants and artificial intelligence.

EIS Blog

Myth vs Reality in Artificial Intelligence

Knowledge Management's Rebirth as Knowledge Engineering for Artificial Intelligence

Knowledge Bots and Machine Learning

The Emergence of Practical Artificial Intelligence

The Coming Chatbot Craze (and What You Need to Do About It)

Smart Merchandising – Inspired by Artificial Intelligence

Lessons from Alexa: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Use Cases

Intelligent Agents, Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence

What’s in Store for 2016? – Our take on technology trends that will impact life and business

Cognitive Search – The Next Generation of Information Access

How to Train Your Robot

Industry Publications

The Architectural Imperative for AI-Powered E-Commerce

ITPRO: The Problem with AI

ITPRO: There is No AI Without IA

CMSWire: How AI Supports Knowledge Workers

KMWorld: A Primer on Cognitive Computing

Harvard Business Review: How Companies Are Benefiting from “Lite” Artificial Intelligence

KMWorld: Cognitive computing, machine learning and personalization: 
New marketing constructs or new capabilities?

KMWorld: Getting Started with Cognitive Computing

CMSWire: How AI-Driven Search Could Bring Us Closer to the Intelligent Workplace

ITPRO: Analytics, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things

CMSWire: What it Takes to Deliver Successful AI-Driven Search

CMSWire: AI-Driven Enterprise Search Is Closer Than You Think


Designing AI Programs for Success - 4-Part Series

How Ontologies Drive Digital Transformation

The AI Advantage – Practical Steps Toward Realizing the Promise of AI  

Why AI? A Case Study With ADP

There's No AI Without IA

Training AI-driven Support Bots to Deliver the Next Generation of Customer Experience

Roundtable Series Session 1: Digital Workers, Chatbots & Customer Service - Reality vs Aspiration

Roundtable Series Session 2: The Role of Intelligent Virtual Assistants in Healthcare

Roundtable Series Session 3: How Financial Services Organizations are Using Chatbot in Customer Service

Roundtable Series Session 4: Conversational Commerce and Virtual Sales Assistants

Understanding virtual agents – what's needed to make them a reality?

Virtual Assistants & Chatbots- The Next Big Thing in Customer Experience

Training the Robots: Evolving Virtual Assistants and the Human Machine Partnership

White papers

Making Intelligent Virtual Assistants a Reality

Case Studies

Allstate’s Intelligent Agent Reduces Call Center Traffic and Provides Help During Quoting Process


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