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Intelligent Virtual Assistants, also known as Intelligent Digital Assistants, are capturing market share rapidly. As analytics and AI technologies scale, and as some standard models begin to emerge, business are starting to consider how to introduce these kinds of solutions into their customer experiences. This white paper, "Making Intelligent Virtual Assistants a Reality" attempts to demystify multiple aspects of the intelligent application ecosystem.

  • What kind of useful business problems can be solved by Virtual Assistants?
  • What are the technologies that are behind creating a Virtual Assistant, and how many new capabilities need to be integrated into the enterprise to build and deliver a Virtual Assistant?
  • What kind of content, knowledge representation, information architecture, assets and business processes are needed to deliver a Virtual Assistant experience?
  • What skills, techniques and expertise are needed of deliver a Virtual Assistant solution to the market?

Learn what is required to design and build an Intelligent Virtual Assistant, and how to deploy intelligent applications in your enterprise to achieve real business value.