A Marketing Technology (MarTech) stack is the combination of software and services that brands use to build relationships with customers at different stages of the customer journey across all of their channels. The MarTech stack is usually made up of a variety of tools and platforms such as CRM, WCM, DAM, analytics, advertising, CDP, CMP among others.

As enterprises grow, their MarTech stack grows with it, often to the point where it becomes a burden to effectively use the various components and platforms. According to Gartner marketers are only making use of 58% of their MarTech stack. We see this playing out with our clients who are embarking on digital transformation projects. With our MarTech Stack Audit service we assist brands in determining what they have, winnowing out what is not needed, and then maximizing the use of what remains. 

Why Should I Audit My MarTech Stack?

If you have any of these challenges it is time for a MarTech Audit.

  • After significant investments in marketing technologies you are not reaping rewards
  • Technologies to date have been deployed in a piece meal or stovepipe approach resulting in redundancies.
  • Information sources and data are constantly changing and various systems aren't able to talk to each other.

What Happens During a MarTech Stack Audit?

 EIS will partner with your company to:

  • Map the customer experience and all elements of the customer journey

  • Identify the tools and technologies that support each step

  • Determine which levers can have the greatest impact

    • Prioritize the most important components

    • Assess maturity levels of all components, as implemented (i.e., processes, data accuracy and quality, architecture, staffing proficiency and expertise, other elements from maturity model)

  • Prioritize efforts on:

    • Components most important to the journey stage and

    • Are not optimally deployed

What You Get From a MarTech Stack Audit

  • Tool stack simplification and optimization recommendations
  • KPIs, ROI and metrics framework
  • Data architecture and quality plan
  • Staffing recommendations

Why Choose EIS For Your MarTech Stack Audit

Our data experts are the best in the business working with large scale B2B and B2C clients. Our experience with many different systems allows us to help you maximize your investments in marketing technologies.

We're excited to work with you and provide you with:

  • an objective, external perspective
  • a fully streamlined process 
  • a trusted partner 


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