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Product Data Management Consulting Services

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Product data is business critical.  
Product data is messy.

Product data serves many different needs and lives in many different places.  

Customers are knocking on your online door. They are eager to research, shop and buy one of your products or services. To close the deal, you need an inviting, easy-to-navigate and helpful website. It’s a good problem to have. But there’s a catch. Maybe several of them.

Your site looks nice, but the underlying information is not well organized. Customers quickly get “lost” in a product jungle and can’t find what they need. The visuals are confusing or not relevant, as is the explanatory text, which also suffers from being dense and off-putting.  

Fortunately for you, some customers are persistent, and actually get to the checkout page. But plenty don’t. They hit a few keys and jump to another site – your competitor’s. Now you really do have a problem.  

So what went wrong? Well, in too many cases, what didn’t?