This online ordering platform for medical equipment and supplies was challenged by a homegrown CMS platform that was overextended to manage product, supplier, and facility user data.

Their data model based on their initial product offering created SKU proliferation, system constraints, process inefficiencies, and inconsistent data as new product types are onboarded.

Finally, complex relationships between data objects are unclear, requiring deep knowledge of CMS system and code to debug and posing burdens for catalog maintenance and growth.

The initial data model wasn't built with scalability in mind requiring internal acts of heroics to maintain the product database.


EIS's work with the client on data modeling activity highlighted challenges of managing new products and complex product kits and bundles. EIS identified taxonomy gaps & opportunities based on site functionality & competitor analysis. We worked with the client to identify potential solutions, including product relationships and a two-tier data model.


Navigation taxonomy testing identified strengths and opportunities for redesign to improve customer experience.

Change Management Plan, RACI matrix, and process mapping established a framework for data governance to streamline and optimize product data management operations.


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