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AI Manufacturing

Session Title:  Building Effective AI: Breaking Down Data Silos
Speakers: Seth Earley, CEO & Founder of Earley Information Science, Cal Al-Dhubaib, Managing Partner, Pandata

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to completely revolutionize manufacturing as we know it today. From operational gains in production efficiencies to unlocking new markets and sales opportunities, AI, when built correctly, has the power to transform how and where we do business. In fact, great AI can only be built from a foundation of well-governed, clean, and collaborative data sets. In order to execute upon your desired objectives, AI applications must rest upon a framework of data that’s coordinated through taxonomy, attribute schema, and relationships. In this discussion, we’ll present four different siloed data challenges that can trip up a manufacturer’s AI initiative, and best practices to overcome them. Attendees will learn how (data or AI) will:

Improve product data availability through their distributor channels through clean, completed data
Break down silos between their marketing and engineering functions
Streamline product onboarding, from initial R&D to pushing into distribution channels
Build a digital roadmap for plant operations