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AI Manufacturing Virtual Conference 2020

Join manufacturing professionals from around the world at AI Manufacturing 2020, August 26-27, for a virtual event to discover integration strategies, ROI, and best practices.  Attendees will see presentations in real-time and be able to participate in Q&A. Recordings of the presentations will be available after the event for registered attendees. Booths are virtual, rich profiles to complement a virtual show.  Networking is done in all-day video conference rooms, and through timed 1x1 meetings.   Message each other throughout the day to stay in touch with colleagues in your industry.   Join all your fellow professionals online for 2 days.

Seth Earley's session, Making AI Work for Manufacturers will be presented at 2:30 EDT on Thursday August 27, 2020

​AI has been getting its fair share of inflated and unrealistic expectations due to a lack of broad understanding by both software vendors and customers.  Software tools can be extremely powerful, however the services, infrastructure, data quality, architecture, talent and methodologies to fully deploy in the enterprise are frequently lacking.  In this session, AI Expert Seth Earley will review what is necessary to begin or advance your AI journey including how to separate market noise and vendor hype from reality; elements of successful AI programs; the role of data quality and data architecture; and methods for finding and prioritizing AI applications.