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ASPECT ACE 2018 - Build momentum with customer experience


Join us at ACE 2018 to explore ways to provide unforgettable service, to make the most out of every interaction, and to ensure your employees have the tools and knowledge they need to do their jobs better than ever. Seth Earley will be speaking. 

There’s No AI without IA: Artificial Intelligence Driven Customer Support using Information Architecture and Knowledge Engineering
Many organizations are experimenting with artificial intelligence technology – whether for predictive analytics, chat bots, conversational search or intelligent virtual assistants.  What these have in common is the need for the right data and content.  In fact, many in the field have identified having the right “training data” as more important than the software algorithm itself.  Chatbots are no exception and need to be fed the right knowledge in the correct form in order to function appropriately.  That information and knowledge has to be architected to suit chatbot functionality but can also improve customer self service and call center productivity through traditional applications.  In this session, knowledge management and AI expert Seth Earley will explain how existing knowledge assets can be engineered to support many types of applications and how improving content and data hygiene can provide value today while preparing organizations for the future.