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B2B: Owning Your Product Data

MAY 09 - 11, 2016

B2C digital retailers learned early on that to win in the digital channel they needed to differentiate on user experience, and on the quality and richness of their product data. B2B industrial suppliers are quickly learning those same lessons – that to compete and win in digital, you not only need to provide products that your customers want, but also high quality product data (so they can discover products) and “ways to shop” (different user experiences to find and select products  – e.g. “shop by brand”, “shop by application”, etc.). When you create a digital marketplace, you can’t rely upon product vendors – distributors need to “own” accountability for high-quality product data.  Many industrial suppliers are now looking to update their product taxonomies, to review attributes to make sure they support the kind of shop and compare interface your customers need, and to internalize product data production to assure that data fill rates are high and quality is consistently high.

In this  presentation, Paul will review trends that Earley is seeing among industrial suppliers and large OEMs, and will discuss what it takes to internalize product data quality – how to rapidly overhaul your taxonomy and product data to attract new customers and win a larger share of wallet with more ways to shop and better data.