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Breaking Down Data Silos To Optimize The Customer Experience

CMSWire + Freshworks Webinar

Breaking Down Data Silos To Optimize The Customer Experience

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Many Customer Experience organizations seek to have a complete view of the customer and how they interact with the brand — the ever elusive unified view of all touchpoints along the journey. The ultimate goal is to streamline interactions and remove friction — anticipating needs and offering the most appropriate content, product, service or action.

There are many elements to getting personalization right and many current approaches just scratch the surface.

Join us with Seth Earley, award winning author of The AI Powered Enterprise and CEO of Earley Information Science and Mukesh Mirchandani, VP, Global Field Solution Engineering of Freshworks for a live, hour-long webinar to discuss new ways of thinking about building a unified customer record, leading to a better orchestration of content, data, knowledge and the user experience. We will discuss a framework that the enterprise can begin building using traditional technologies and extend to AI Powered CX tools. We’ll review examples of organizations who have built the foundation to not only realize efficiencies in operations but pave the way for increasing levels of automation and personalization at scale.