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IDW: Preparing Content for Chatbots & Voice Interfaces

[Keynote] "There's No AI without IA"

Artificial intelligence is getting lots of attention but one key aspect is often overlooked, understated or underestimated: the training of the AI through behind-the-scenes preparation of the data.  Getting an AI application to actually do something useful does not happen by magic. The algorithms may be there but until the system gets a chance to learn, it will not produce the results you are hoping for.  The more research you do, the more you realize that AI only works when it has the right data to spot trends, identify patterns, and provide needed functionality. No data? No AI.  And it can't use just any unstructured data. The data needs to be good quality data. Yes it can be messy, but it can’t be poor quality. And depending on the application, that data will require structure and curation.  In this session, we will discuss how to train your AI, the kinds of data that are needed to make it work, and why intelligent content is vital for artificial intelligence.