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The Road to the Digital Worker: What’s real, what’s possible and what’s noise?

Intelligent Virtual Assistants, chat bots and other automated technologies will not be replacing people but will be augmenting capabilities. There’s a lot of promise to emerging technologies that are predicted to impact every aspect of business. However, breathless tech reporting, analyst prognostications and venture capital fueled vendor hype make the market noisy, confusing and risky. Emerging AI technologies are causing disruption in traditional business models while digital transformations (a hyped concept in and of itself) are upending supply chains and causing organizations to rethink how they create value. Part of this process is the increasing use of automation – from back end systems to customer facing interactions and everything in between.

In this session, you will learn:

A brief history of technology innovation that we now take for granted
What is a digital worker and how they will augment today’s workforce
How organizations must prepare for the advent of the “digital worker”
The critical elements to successfully incorporating these emerging tools into your workforce.
What steps do leaders needs to take to prepare and adapt?