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Seth Earley Featured on Content Strategy Insights with Larry Swanson

Seth Earley was a guest on Content Strategist, Larry Swanson's, podcast "Content Strategy Insights." During their conversation they covered many topics including:

  • what an ontology is and how to use ontologies to describe a domain of knowledge
  • how an ontology can help traverse the knowledge in an organization
  • the difference between “is-ness” and “about-ness”
  • the importance in ontology practice of starting with concepts that are important to the business
  • how an ontology can help content strategy practice
  • how these technologies and practices can help understand user intent to deliver the correct content
  • the importance of structuring content to avoid TL;DR situations
  • how ontologically organized structured content can help deliver personalized content
  • the arrival of conversational cognitive assistants
  • the role of knowledge practices to power new tools as the workforce changes
  • the importance of understanding – and conveying to leadership – the importance of ontology work

Listen to the entire conversation here.