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Text Analytics Forum '18

Dino Eliopulos will be in Washington, DC at the Text Analytics Forum, co-located with KMWorld, on November 7th.  He is speaking on "Finding The Sweet Spot For Cognitive Computing."  The panelists will ponder, how do you decide whether cognitive computing is right—even necessary—for your organization?

When new and complex technologies like AI and cognitive computing burst on the scene, it’s easy to rush to adopt them. The result is often confusion and technology abandonment when the new applications don’t meet expectations. Hoping to forestall this shelfware phenomenon, in 2016 the Cognitive Computing Consortium started to develop guidelines for understanding how to use cognitive applications. The goal was to come up with a set of usage profiles that developers could match to their planned use of cognitive technologies. The panel will open with a presentation on the Consortium framework for understanding cognitive applications with examples of successful uses for a variety of purposes such as customer relations, healthcare, and robotics. A panel of experienced experts then describes how they are using cognitive applications and fields questions on that topic from the audience.